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Battle Bolts is a 4 player multiplayer game where you lead your remotely controlled tank in the battle and wreak havoc on the 6x6 or 8x8 battlefield.

  • Turn-based

    Think ahead and plan your next 4 moves very carefully, as the opponents can be pretty unpredictable. Use board elements to your advantage and destroy opponents in a game of cat and mouse.

  • Action moves

    Use your action moves like dash and strafe to pull unexpected stunts and confuse your enemies. Always be on the move!

  • Deadly arena

    Arena tiles are not just an eye-candy; avoid pits, use conveyor belts to move around, hide behind walls, and watch out for surprises - as they can be deadly.

  • Specials

    Use special weapons to your advantage - tear them a new one!

  • Board-game looks

    Remember that holo-chess game they played in Episode 4 while riding Falcon? Now you get to experience that same thrill as Battle Bolts offer stunning real-life board game look, just more... alive.

  • Multiplayer

    Go to war with up to 4 players online or offline (couch-versus).


Nothing burns hotter then, well, fire. Use this tank’s hot balls of fire to your advantage and let the enemies burn!
Front special:
Three-way flamethrower burst.
Side special:
Napalm grenade that sets everything on fire.


With this lovely tank you can make life of your enemies really complicated by disrupting their positions in the arena. You'll be able to change the course of actions - quite literally.
Front special:
Pulls enemy towards banshee on successful hit inflicting massive damage.
Side special:
Pulls enemies inwards on successful hit.


Volt – Charge up, free your mind, chant your best Ooooohm and electrocute your enemies with your deadly powercoil. This remotely controlled Volt-Wagon is the peak of German tank industry.
Front special:
Chain lightning.
Side special:
Lightning orb.


Bullseye – This RC tank is excellent long range sniper raining heavy damage on unsuspecting targets. When you blow up enemy tank, only thing your cold heart will feel is the recoil of your canon.
Front special:
Unstoppable piercing shot.
Side special:
Homing missiles.

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Most common questions

What is Battle Bolts?

Battle Bolts is a 4-player turn-based action strategy game with gameplay that's reminiscent to tabletop board games. You control small RC tank on a mission to obliterate your enemies, using your newfound tactician skill as well as specials, dashing and board elements. A bit like chess with tanks, with the exception that you enter four moves ahead, instead of one.

Do I really need 4 other human players to play the game?

No, you can play against AI bots and hone your skills at your own pace in your own time. But playing against friends brings a lot of joy (and tears and rage and joy again) so be sure to invite friends over for a cup of local couch mayhem, or play with them online without having to hear them complaining about unfairness of life and how you must better than them because 'you are cheating'.

Are all tanks the same?

Thankfully, no! There are four tank classes available at the moment, and while they all have the same basic abilities for moving and shooting, they differ by their special moves (specials). Each class has a different special weapon (colloquially called power-up among folks) which can be used to bring advantage on the field. Please check the tanks section of this page to find your favorite.

So, how do I play?

Ah, great question! We added nifty tutorial inside the game which quickly explains game mechanics to the newcomers, so we advise you to check it out upon launching the game. For those who are more oriented towards written manuals, look on the right, and you'll find control sheet explaining your controls.

If you just want us to explain it, here it goes:

1. You enter 4 actions in advance
2. They can be of moving or shooting type - each one costs 1 action
3. To move your tank, you have forward, backward, 'turn left 90 degrees' and 'turn right 90 degrees' commands. Forward/backward moves you one tile.
4. Remember - always look where your tank is oriented, because moving forward depends on where your barrel is looking. If you press forward (usually 'arrow up' on keyboard or up on gamepad, and your tank is looking at the bottom of the screen, it will move DOOOOWN)
5. To shoot, you can use your front cannon (unlimited range) or left and right arced weapons (ranged 3 tiles left/right respectively from the position of your tank)
6. You can use one dash and one special per turn. Dashing moves you 2 tiles, while strafing (also called side-dashing) moves you into new position by keeping your orientation intact. Special weapons differ from tank to tank but are more powerful than ordinary weapons.

Still lost? Check our tutorials, they ARE helpful.

Do you accept suggestions and listen to what community has to say?

We welcome all community feedback and we'll do our absolute best to respond, by replying directly and taking your ideas into consideration. We're always available on Steam forums, our social media channels, and our Discord server, so please join us and help make Battle Bolts a better experience.

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